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Tyrone Hospital Recognizes Volunteers

Members of the Tyrone Hospital family gathered  at a recent luncheon held to honor Tyrone Hospital’s volunteers for services donated during calendar year 2011.

“We are pleased to have members of the community involved in the hospital, helping us fulfill our healing mission,” said Stephen Gildea, Chief Executive Officer at Tyrone Hospital.“They are a very dedicated group of people and they support Tyrone Hospita lin a very special way.”

In 2011 Tyrone Hospital had 18 volunteers who donated 1,546 hours to support Tyrone Hospital. Volunteers and their annual and total hours donated were as follows:  Frances Hunter of Tyrone78 hours, grand total hours 10, 596, Jack Swiderski of Warriors Mark – 66 hours, grand total hours       4, 468, Constance Baker of Tipton-184 hours, grand total hours 1,571,  Anna Mae Campbell of Tyrone –  58.25 hours, grand total hours 1,099.25, Merle Ammerman of Tyrone – 117 hours, 190 grand total hours, Joan Smith of Warriors Mark - 27 hours, grand total hours 115, Brenda Boyles of Tyrone– 82 hours, 134 grand total hours, Bernie Hand of Tyrone – 477.25 hours, grand total hours 925.25, Lois Carper of Warriors Mark - 38 hours, Angela Taylor of Bellwood-Antis High School – 15 hours, Marilyn Hosko of Tyrone 26 hours, Brittany Barnes of Tyrone 71 hours, Philip Apsaform of Tyrone 23.5 hours, Jonna McGarry of Coalport 26 hours, Kirsten Baker of Altoona 24 hours, Lily Zhang of Grier School 18.5 hours, Chloe Zy of Grier School 21 hours and Nikki Moore of Port Matilda  2 hours.

Erik Wagner of Tyrone Area High School joined the program in early 2012. Alyson Eck of Altoona rejoined the program in 2012.

PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured are representatives of Tyrone Hospital’s volunteer program with hospital leaders. Front row left to right are Frances Hunter, Anna Mae Campbell and Constance Baker. Back row left to right are: Stephen Gildea, CEO at Tyrone Hospital, Jack Swiderski, Merle Ammerman and Kelly Wike, President of the Tyrone Hospital Board of Directors.