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Tyrone Hospital Forming Corporate Advisory Board

Tyrone Hospital officials are in the process of forming a Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) and individuals are invited to participate.  

The CAB is an opportunity for community members to partner with Tyrone Hospital to learn more about healthcare, keep abreast of plans and developments at Tyrone Hospital and for community members to provide input to hospital leaders.

Kelly Wike, President of the Tyrone Hospital Board of Directors said the only requirement for an individual to serve on the CAB is that they have an interest in the future of Tyrone Hospital and healthcare in our community.  “Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate and there is no limit on the number of people who can become involved,” said Mrs. Wike.

Vicky Shaw, RN, a Tyrone Hospital employee and former member of the hospital’s  board of directors has volunteered to serve as chairperson of the CAB to help get the group organized and up and running. Mrs. Shaw said individuals who attended the annual Tyrone Hospital Corporation meeting held in August learned of plans for a CAB. “Some individuals have already expressed interest in joining and we are looking for others to join as well.”

Participation in the CAB would involve attending quarterly meetings held at Tyrone Hospital.  A meeting about the CAB and its role will be held at 6:30 pm on Monday October 29th in the classroom at Tyrone Hospital. Any interested individuals are invited to attend.

To sign-up for the meeting about the Tyrone Hospital Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) or for more information contact Vicky Shaw by phone at (814) 684-2942 or via e-mail at vshaw@tyronehospital.org.