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Mission Statement
Tyrone Hospital seeks to provide quality health care including curing, healing and educational components to the people of Northern Blair County and surrounding communities.

Vision Statement
Tyrone Hospital in partnership with its medical staff, its employees, its board and other area providers will be the high quality primary care hospital of first choice by our neighbors. We will be recognized within our community as the center of customer oriented curative, restorative, and preventative, health care services. We will participate in comprehensive regional health care systems that work cooperatively with other area providers, insurers, and businesses to meet the health care needs of our community. We will ensure that our services continue to be of value to our neighbors by a process of continuous improvement of our services and our physical assets. The health care you need, comfortably, and without traveling long distances.


We operate with personal and business integrity.  

We demonstrate respect for all people.

We believe in developing the potential of our employees.

We are committed to our customers.

We believe in continued improvement and learning.