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Local Hospital and Business Work Together on Promotional Video

There’s nothing like a good neighbor. Just ask Scott Diminick, Healthcare Platform Leader at New Pig Corporation and Jennifer Hartman, New Pig’s Video Coordinator.  Geared up to shoot a promotional video on a new healthcare product for keeping operating rooms dry and safe, they needed a hospital site, hopefully, one not too far away. Tyrone Hospital, a small, critical access hospital that provides general medical and surgical care, is just a few miles north of New Pig headquarters, and graciously answered the call.

 “During all the research we’ve done to learn about wet surgeries, I’ve had the opportunity to see many ORs across the US and the Tyrone Hospital compares well with the best of them,” said Scott. “I found their operating rooms larger than most and well-equipped.”

“Their surgical staff was wonderful to work with.  Eight members of the staff made themselves available to assist us!” exclaimed Jennifer. “We arrived at 9 and didn’t leave until around 3:30.” 

It’s no secret that circulating nurses have a tough job. Not only do they need to tend to the urgent needs of surgeons and patients, but they also have to keep ORs clean and get them ready for the next procedure. When it comes to cleaning up fluids off the floor, they often rely on hospital blankets or flimsy absorbents. That’s where things can get a little messy and that’s where New Pig comes in.

Who knows more about keeping floors dry and safe than New Pig. The company has been the leading expert in absorbing liquids since 1985. Their PIG® Mat is the #1 absorbent mat in the world, trusted by more than 200,000 customers in industrial, institutional, and government facilities worldwide. Healthcare may soon be another market and, hopefully, it’s hospitals like Tyrone that will help spread the word.  

 “ New Pig was very professional and fun to work with. They introduced their products, explained how to use them and what they wanted our operating room staff to do in the video scenes,” said Terry Waple, RN, Patient Care Manager of Surgical Services.  “Their surgical mat worked well. It absorbed fluids and also stayed put even when we moved mayo carts over it. No bunching up.”   

Scott and his team have been testing PIG® Grippy® Surgical Absorbent Mat in hospitals throughout the US for more than a year. As with the nurses at Tyrone Hospital, feedback has been very positive. He’s convinced that it is not only a better way to keep floors dry and safe, but also much more cost effective than current practices, and that’s good news for any hospital or surgical center.

In what turned out to be a very productive day, 18 people -- nurses, piggers and video crew – worked together to film a mocked up surgery.

Scott summed up the day:“The surgical nursing staff at the Tyrone Hospital were very professional and friendly. They were our consultants during the video shoot to make sure everything was mocked-up just right….even to the point of the nurses volunteering to be the patient and prep just like a normal procedure. They are great people and we enjoyed working with them.”

“The nurses never complained – just cooperated and had fun,” added Jennifer! They especially liked our Pig hats and the Pig nose we took.  Plus, they loved our mats. But more importantly, I think we have a very strong, local partner, where we can test products and film more videos in the future.”

There’s nothing quite like a good neighbor. Tyrone Hospital and New Pig have proven that and each hopes to benefit from a new, revolutionary product, PIG® Grippy® Surgical Absorbent Mat.