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Kendra Daughenbaugh Recipient of 2012 Spirit of Nursing Award

Tyrone Hospital officials announced that Kendra Daughenbaugh, RN is the recipient of Tyrone Hospital’s Spirit of Nursing Award for 2012. Each year the hospital’s nursing staff nominates one of their fellow nurses to receive the award. 

Mrs. Daughenbaugh is a native and current resident of Tyrone.

She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Penn State University. 

She has more than twelve years of experience in nursing.  Her first goal as a new nurse was to “take advantage of any nursing opportunities presented to her”.  A look at her career shows she has clearly achieved that goal. Her nursing experience is diverse. She has cared for patients in various types of settings including  a  physician specialist office, nursing home and hospital.

Mrs. Daughenbaugh first joined the Tyrone Hospital family as a student nurse extern in 1998.

“I learned so much from the nurses I worked with at that time,” said Mrs. Daughenbaugh. “ They were wonderful mentors and they were so good to me.”

She left Tyrone Hospital for a few years to gain other experience and then returned in 2005 bringing her professional talents home. “I came back because I knew how nice it was to work here.   Also, I grew up here and this is my community.”

During her years at Tyrone Hospital Mrs. Daughenbaugh has worked in various areas further diversifying her nursing talents. She has cared for patients in the medical –surgical unit, intensive care unit (ICU), short procedure unit and the former pain clinic. She currently works in the hospital’s operating room (OR).

She said she was shocked to hear she was selected for the Spirit of Nursing Award. “There are so many people more deserving than me. I am what I am because of my co-workers.”

Terry Waple, RN, Patient Care Manager for Surgical Services said Mrs. Daughenbaugh is an exemplary employee. “She is an excellent nurse.  She has a solid work ethic and is a true team player.”

Mrs. Waple said recently Mrs. Daughenbaugh quite unexpectedly was put in a position where she had to manage the operating room for a couple of months. “She stepped right up to the challenge and did a fantastic job.  That is a perfect example of her work ethic and the great job she does.”

Mrs. Daughenbaugh said her short time managing the OR went well because of the great operating team and how everyone pulled together.

 “I love working in the operating room,” said Mrs. Daughenbaugh.  “I’ve enjoyed all of my nursing experience.  But for me being in the OR is like coming home. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

The individual that receives the Spirit of Nursing Award is selected by their peers.

Members of the nursing staff submit the names of fellow nurses that they think should be honored with the award.  It is through this process that the nursing staff selects one nurse to honor.

Nurses may qualify for the award if they provide direct patient care, have a comprehensive knowledge about the art of nursing, demonstrate a commitment to giving excellent nursing care, serve as an advocate to patients and families, and serve as a role model for other nursing staff.

Robin DeKoning, Chief Nursing officer said “We receive a lot of positive feedback about the nursing care provided at Tyrone Hospital. It is a pleasure to honor Mrs. Daughenbaugh who is a shining example of the personalized care that our nurses provide.”

The hospital’s nursing department instituted the Spirit of Nursing Award in 2006 and grants the award on an annual basis to a nurse that demonstrates outstanding performance.

 Pictured is Kendra Daughenbaugh, Sprit of Nursing Award recipient 2012 with hospital leaders. Mrs. Daughenbaugh was recognized for outstanding performance in nursing. From front to back :   Kendra Daughenbaugh, RN, Robin DeKoning, RN, Chief Nursing Officer,  Kelly Wike, President, Tyrone Hospital Board of Directors, and Stephen Gildea, CEO at Tyrone Hospital.