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American Red Cross Blood Drive @ Tyrone Hospital Classroom 187 Hospital Drive Tyrone, PA 16686
10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Treatment of Shoulder Pain, What’s New & What’s True @ Main lobby, Tyrone Health & Wellness building 154 Hospital Drive Tyrone Pa 16686
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Jan 23 A Look at 2015 and Beyond

“The best way to predict the future is to create it,” that is what management guru Peter Drucker said. Tyrone Regional Health Network (TRHN) is a testimonial of that...

Jan 05 2014: A Remarkable Year for Tyrone Hospital!

Another year has come to a close!  We are now in that border of time, when we glance back at one year and look forward to the next....

Nov 24 Tyrone Regional Health Network: That’s What I Want to Talk About!

People have been asking me if I saw the news about UPMC’s plans to construct a medical...

Oct 29 Growth and Enhancement of Orthopedic Services

People of all ages need orthopedic care. Most of us will require some type of orthopedic care during our lifetime. In fact,...

Aug 26 Tyrone Hospital Celebrating 60 Years!

September 20, 2014is TyroneHospital’s 60th anniversary!  It is a milestone in our history of providing essential healthcare...

Jul 29 Community Support Plays Major Role in Hospital’s Success

I want to extend thanks to the community and hospital family for their tremendous support over the...

Dec 30 You Can Access Health and Wellness Services at Tyrone Hospital

It is a new year and a time when most of us are thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. What...

Dec 13 This Year Jingled with Healthcare Gifts

 The holiday season is a time for celebrating, counting our blessings and, of course, thinking about gifts.

When I look back at the 2013...

Dec 13
Jul 22 Local Healthcare Has Many Benefits

“Stay local”, “Buy local”, “Go local”!  We often see these words directed at consumers and businesses encouraging us to do business locally and...

Tyrone Hospital

Moving Ahead with Exceptional Care

Tyrone Hospital is a critical access hospital that provides general medical and surgical care including a twenty-four hour emergency department, a wide range of outpatient diagnostic services, and a short term inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing care program.

Tyrone Hospital is preferred by families and individuals who seek a variety of services in a less institutional and more friendly and personalized healthcare environment. The hospital’s diverse medical staff gives people access to primary care physicians as well as a variety of specialists.

The range of services, physicians, and medical technology available at Tyrone Hospital makes it easy for your and your family to access the health care you need, comfortably, and without traveling long distances.