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Twelve Reasons to Choose Tyrone Hospital

Most of us are familiar with the Christmas song the Twelve Days of Christmas.   The lyrics describe twelve grand gifts given during the Christmas season. Over the years many have put their own twist on the “twelve days” through parodies, creative lyrics or by replacing the gifts with a list of items that add different meaning.

So, this year I’m giving the “twelve days” a Tyrone Hospital twist. There are many reasons for you and your family to choose Tyrone Hospital when you need healthcare services. Here are twelve of them.

1. Choose to use Tyrone Hospital and you help secure its long term viability. The phrase “use it to keep it strong” holds true.  It applies to muscles, brain power, and yes, to your local hospital too.

2. Choose Tyrone Hospital and receive high quality healthcare.  We achieved outstanding scores for quality of care determined by our performance in meeting a national set of patient care standards known as Core Measures. We also scored 101% with the Highmark Blue Cross Quality Blue Program. 

3. ChooseTyrone Hospital for surgery.We have outstanding general surgeons. Plus we have one of the lowest surgical infection rates in the state.

4. Choose Tyrone Hospital for 24 - hour emergency care.  You can avoid long road trips and our wait times to receive care are much shorter than some other area hospitals.

5. Choose The Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute of Central Pennsylvania (BCWHI).  The Institute provides services to evaluate breast health and provides guidance and support to women in need of treatment for benign or cancerous breast disease.  Women from across the region now travel to the Institute for the specialized and personalized services it provides.

6. Choose Tyrone Hospital for orthopedic care.  The region’s leading orthopedic physician groups, University Orthopedics Center and Blair Orthopedics provide physician office appointments and perform surgery at Tyrone Hospital.

7. Choose Tyrone Hospital for testing or procedures, even if your doctor is located in a city or town other than Tyrone.  We will send your test results to your doctor, wherever your doctor is located.

8.Choose Tyrone Hospital for your employee health needs.  We provide an Occupational Health Clinic to meet the needs of local business and industry. 

9. Choose a primary care doctor based in the Tyrone area.  We have outstanding primary care physicians including Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. You can also access either a male or female physician if you have a preference.  

10. Choose Tyrone Hospital for personalized attention. We receive many compliments on our skilled, friendly and attentive staff.

11. Choose Tyrone Hospital for the cleanliness.We take pride in Tyrone Hospital being one of the cleanest, infection-free hospitals in the state.

12. Choose Tyrone Hospital for the comfortable private suites. This year, we completed the renovation of the patient rooms, and now you almost always will be placed in one of the private suites with a recliner, flat screen TV and new heating and air conditioning!

So enjoy the holiday season knowing that you have one of the best hospitals in the area and in the state available to you right here in Tyrone. Choose to use it. You will be surprised at what we’ve done over the past few years……and more to come in 2013!