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Patients Can Choose Where to Go for Healthcare Services

In healthcare there is a movement to encourage patients to play a more active role in their healthcare. That includes making your own decision about where to go for any healthcare services you may need.

Your doctor or other healthcare provider may outline healthcare facilities or other health providers that are options for you to consider for services. But ultimately the choice of where to go is yours.  Unfortunately many people do not realize they have a choice. So, they may seek or be directed to use health providers outside of their local community or in our case outside of Tyrone. 

Tyrone Hospital has become known for our excellent customer service and high quality primary care.  If the healthcare service you need is available at Tyrone Hospital, or on the Tyrone Health and Wellness Campus through one of our specialists or partners, there is no reason why you should choose to leave the Tyrone area for that service.  Your experience will be equal or better if you stay here in Tyrone and you will save time and money on the cost of gas. 

In recent months, we have brought in new Emergency Room physicians, and introduced the Breast Cancer and Women’s Health Institute of Central Pennsylvania which is attracting patients from all over the Central Pennsylvania region. We are also now investing in the improvement of our parking lot, handicap accessibility, air conditioning system, and we have installed new energy efficient lighting throughout the hospital.  Jeff Long is working to complete the new medical office building where many of our specialists will be located along with the Breast Cancer Institute and a new Wellness and Fitness Center.

The Tyrone area has a new Tyrone Health and Wellness Campus that is bringing some amazing services to you right here in Tyrone!

Make Tyrone Hospital and the Tyrone Health and Wellness Campus the place where you want to go for healthcare services. It is important to let your doctor and the doctor’s office staff know your preference.

When you need a test or procedure that must be scheduled and your doctor’s office is going to make the appointment for you, be sure you let them know where you want to go. Make Tyrone Hospital your preference and specifically ask to be scheduled at Tyrone Hospital.

If you go to a doctor that is located in a city or town other than Tyrone and your doctor gives you orders for testing or a procedure, your can still have your tests completed close to home at Tyrone Hospital.  Our staff will send your test results to your doctor, wherever your doctor is located. Even patients who see doctors located in the Pittsburgh area or other metropolitan areas have arranged to have their routine testing done here in Tyrone and we have forwarded test results to their doctor.

Of course, when you choose a healthcare provider it is also important to be sure that provider accepts your particular health insurance plan. Tyrone Hospital is accessible to most people in that regard, since we accept all of the major health insurance plans available in the local market.

Tyrone Hospital makes it convenient for people to stay close to home when they need healthcare services. We provide the healthcare services that are most frequently ordered by physicians. 
Examples of some of the frequently used services include a range of imaging studies such as mammography, CT scan, x-ray, MRI, ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, and others. We also have an on-site laboratory and provide testing to evaluate heart and lung function. Physical Therapy and rehabilitation services are also offered through the ProCare clinic based at Tyrone Hospital.

Make Tyrone Hospital the healthcare provider where you prefer to go for healthcare services and be sure to let your doctor know that is where you want to go.  You have a top-notch hospital right here in Tyrone. On the new Tyrone Health and Wellness Campus, you have some of the best physicians and specialists in the state!