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Annual Report Shows Amazing Progress at Tyrone Hospital

Tyrone Hospital has made remarkable progress during the past year.  I would like to share some of the highlights with you in this “Annual Report.”

We made some tremendous advancement in quality of patient care with several key initiatives.  We improved the hospital’s medication management practices. An automated medication dispensing system was installed. This allowed us to reduce medication administration errors and improved our medication dosing and safety. A medication formulary was also establishedwhich helped us reduce drugs cost by 38%.

Orthopedic services were expanded with the addition of Jonathon Van Kleunen, M.D. and Shawn Saylor, D.O., physicians from Blair Orthopedics. Both now provide services in the Tyrone Hospital orthopedic clinic along with Orthopedic Surgeons from University Orthopedics.

We also introduced new services. An Occupational Health Clinic has been developed to meet the needs of local business and industry.  We also introduced the Breast Cancer and Women’s Health Institute of Central Pennsylvania.

Patient comfort and safety was improved with the conversion of our inpatient rooms to private patient suites. The project was funded largely through donations from the community and our affiliated medical staff.

We achieved outstanding scores for quality of care. This was determined by our performance in meeting a national set of patient care standards known as Core Measures and also scoring 101% with the Highmark Blue Cross Quality Blue Program.  At Tyrone Hospital, we meet or exceed the maximum achievable scores for these standards and are at the top of the scores in the entire state of Pennsylvania!  We also consistently maintain a remarkably low surgical infection rate.

There were also projects completed to support the financial health of Tyrone Hospital.  We have kept our expenses flat.  A revenue cycle plan to improve our billing and collection processes was successfully implemented. Put simply, this involved improvements to every task and process that impacts our financial operations.  Events also occurred that were solid signals of the hospital’s improved financial health. For the first time in many years the hospital underwent a full financial audit and was also extended credit. 

We have realized a net profit for the past two years. Profit in FY 2012 was $540,665. In FY 2013 we are projecting a profit of $677,562.

We have had a relatively stable employment picture. In fact, in the past year or so we have added a handful of jobs and we are one of the few area hospitals that have had no layoffs.

Significant progress was also made on the implementation of a facility and grounds improvement plan.  Installation of energy efficient lighting and a new chiller to control facility wide air conditioning has resulted in a 24% energy savings. A new emergency generator was acquired to handle the increased electrical load from the past 30 years of new technology and expansion. The old generator was not able to run the entire hospital in a power outage. There are also many improvements underway to the parking areas which will greatly enhance the appearance, safety and handicapped access.

For the first time in well over a decade there is new construction on the hospital campus.  Local developer Jeff Long is constructing a new medical office building targeted for completion in the first quarter of 2013.

Hospital leaders adopted a strategic vision that will involve developing the hospital campus into the “The Tyrone Health and Wellness Campus.”  In line with this vision, a tobacco free policy was instituted for the entire hospital campus.

The new building currently under construction fits with the new strategic vision.  The building will house the Tyrone Wellness and FitnessCenter.  The Center will be a resource for exercise, patient/health education, occupational health, wellness services, preventive health education and wellness and lifestyle coaching.  The Breast Cancer and Women’s Health Institute of Central Pennsylvania will relocate to the new building early next year along with Nittany Eye Associates, Advanced Regional Center for Ankle and Foot Care, Cove Surgical and other specialists.

The Tyrone Hospital Foundation was created to support Tyrone Hospital’s healing mission. Significant contributions have been made by the Albemarle Employee Fund, Women’s Club of Tyrone and the Tyrone Hospital Medical Staff. Plans are to launch a community wide campaign for the Foundation this Fall.

“Caught Doing It Right”, a program to recognize hospital employees who demonstrate outstanding customer service and performance was instituted.

Tyrone Hospital was inducted into the Blair County Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame, a prestigious honor within the business community.

Key initiatives planned for 2013 include addition of digital mammography, growth of the Breast Cancer and Women’s Health Institute of Central Pennsylvania, continued growth of our outstanding Tyrone Orthopedic Clinics, implementation of an Information Technology Plan and continued revenue cycle improvements and expense control.

With progress also comes certain challenges.  For us these include employee recruitment and retention in the current competitive healthcare environment.  Conversion of our medical records to a full electronic record will be another major undertaking in the immediate future.  We also need to find the best possible place for Tyrone Hospital among the emerging health care networks and affiliations in our region.  Add to that the financial challenges we will face with upcoming cuts to our major payers - Medicare and Medicaid.  We like others in the country are anxious to see what healthcare changes will come once a new President is elected and the new challenges these changes may present.