Breast Health Specialists Treat a Variety of Issues

Breast Health, Preservation & Testing

Tyrone Regional Health Network provides a collection of services to help monitor regular breast health and with the early detection of breast disease. Research finds that diligent breast care and early detection often lead to greater health with less invasive procedures.

As you may know, many breast health procedures involve the use of our radiology department technicians who operate technology that scans existing breast tissue, records data, and targets prescribed treatment for remedial or therapeutic care. Services are provided by experienced healthcare professionals affiliated with Tyrone Regional Health Network, Tyrone Medical Associates, and The Breast Cancer and Women’s Health Institute of Central Pennsylvania, and include the following:

Breast Health – Surgical Staff

Tyrone Regional Health Network has surgeons who are available to address breast health needs. Our affiliated medical staff includes physicians who specialize the surgical specialties related to breast health and wellness. The types of surgical procedures performed include those that are part of treatment for breast cancer, and cosmetic surgery as they may relate to reconstruction, to address removal of disease, trauma, weight loss, or other health concerns.

Breast Cancer Surgery:

  • Lumpectomy
  • Lymph Node Removal
  • Mastectomy


  • Reduction
  • Reconstruction

Tyrone Regional Health Network provides technology for laparoscopic and laser surgical procedures. Additional care and treatment related specifically to breast cancer diagnoses and the associated testing and supportive counseling for them may be obtained directly through The Breast Cancer and Women’s Health Institute of Central Pennsylvania, located conveniently on the main campus.

Name Specialty Phone
David Arbutina, M.D. General surgeon with focused expertise on breast cancer surgery 814-470-7732
George Cummings, M.D. General surgeon 814-943-4937
Stephen Schmidt, M.D. General surgeon 814-943-4937

Come to Tyrone Regional Health Network for the region’s most focused and progressive care when it comes to breast health.